An update on the Portland Pie-Off

Pie is summer, pie is special, pie is simple, and pie has certainly become Portland Shop.

But alas, there is no Portland Pie-Off 2010.

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Never did we think when we first started the Pie-Off that it would be as successful as it was: 50 pies the first year, almost double that the second year, and plenty of pie-filled bellies and smiling faces. The entire front page of The Oregonian’s Food Day and live on TV at KGW? Yes, thank you! And since this time, pie has become so popular in Portland….some of our favorites are Pacific Pie Co., Pie Hole, Random Order, Whiffie’s and now Portland is even home to the founder of The World Needs More Pie. We knew we were onto something in 2008.

This summer, we hope you visit some of Portland’s wonderful celebrations of pie, or a farmer’s market or field and gather fruit for your own pie baking. Craft yourself a pie full of summer, gather your friends, and have a moment in one of Portland’s parks, in the sunshine. Smile with the ones you love, and share a piece of pie. There’s plenty to go around.

Piece to you. Pun intended.